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About us


Gold Atlantic Health is established its leader team with a vision of “Giving maximum value to human health and providing maximum satisfaction”

Gold Atlantic Health is the ONLY REPRESENTATIVE OF GOVERNMENT SUPPORTED THTC (Turkish Healthcare Travel Council) in UK.

In 2005, the Turkish Healthcare Travel Council (THTC) was established to strengthen health tourism activities and to unite the national efforts to bring more patients to Turkey from around the world. With 317 members, consisting of hospitals, clinics, thermal and medical SPA centres, hotels, assistant companies, and with 144 network offices in 85 different countries, the council has grown into the largest healthcare association both in Turkey and the world.

THTC has developed an exemplary corporate structure. In 2013 at Monte Carlo-Monaco, THTC initiated and served as a founding country for the Global Healthcare Travel Council, which promotes and provides healthcare services to world citizens. Through such endeavours, the Turkish Healthcare Travel Council has cemented its place as a global contender in the healthcare industry.

As Gold Atlantic Health, we don’t work with only one clinic or surgeon. We believe, for every medical specialty, although quite few doctors can perform it, only 1 or 2 names can innovate, pioneer other doctors and raise the standards for the specialty. Therefore, on our Gold Atlantic Health Team; we combined the top-rated doctors for each specialty area and made an agreement with the best hospitals of Turkey to serve you with 100% perfection.

With its leading and expert medical staff in Turkey patient - oriented coordinators in London, Jersey and Istanbul, strong technological infrastructure and understanding of personalized health; Gold Atlantic Health is the leader in Turkey health sector and proudly provides all services with sustainable VIP quality to its patients at its offices in London (headquarters), Edinburgh, Jersey, Channel Islands and Istanbul.

Your body, your hair, your eyes and your teeth are our priority.