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Title Dr. Kursat Yalvac
Department Hair Transplant
Field of Experience Hair Transplant, Hair Treatments, Medical Esthetic
Date of Birth 1976
School of Medicine Faculty of Medicine, Akdeniz University
Foreign Language English

Doctor Resume

Born in 1976 in Aksaray, Turkey; Dr Kursat Yalvac completed his secondary education at Aksaray Anatolian High School and later successfully achieved medical degree at Faculty of Medicine of Akdeniz University in 1993.

After graduating as Medical Doctor in 1999, he worked actively for 1 year in Turkey then at 2001, he started working in London, UK; while at the same time continuing further on his education and training in medical area.

On 2014, he returned Turkey after 13 years of training he received from world’s leading doctors and actively worked with them in London, UK.

He successfully applied thousands of applications and pioneered techniques in the field of hair transplantation, hair treatments and medical aesthetics.

He also participated in numerous medical congresses as a practitioner and speaker.

He is married with his wife Haslet and they have two children named Utku and Omer.