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Hair Transplantation

Although hair loss is mostly known as a problem that affects mostly men nowadays, it affects lot of people without distinction of age or gender. Genetic factors are the main reason for the hair loss problem, but environmental factors and stress also contributes to the problem. On hair loss in women, metabolic changes after pregnancy has an effect as well.

Today, with the advancement of technology; baldness and hair loss problems are not to be feared as it used to be. Thanks to new technologies we use in our hospital, this problem can be easily eliminated.

Hair transplantation is the procedure which hair is taken from the parts where its dense and transferring it to parts where its sparse. It is called graft transplantation. “Graft” is the hair root which is taken out to transfer hairless area. 1 Graft is equal to approximately 1 to 5 hairs. As the structure of the hair varies from person to person, the results may differ. according to the result of transplanted. To get positive results and not to have hair loss again, it is highly recommended that hair transplantation to be done by an expert team.

What are the reasons of hair loss and hair transplantation, and to which people it could be applied?

Genetic factors, stress, anxiety and reasons such as malnutrition, as well as frequent use of hair dyes and hair care products that contain chemical substances are the factors that may cause hair loss.

Hair transplantation can be applied to anyone who has a male pattern hair loss (also known as androgenetic alopecia) which is due to male hormones in people has genetic disorder.

Over time the cells that produce hair die. Therefore, at the beginning your hair starts to weaken, then stop growing and at the final phase fall out. Hair transplantation is the most definite and permanent treatment to people who are experiencing this issue.